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Waste not want not

3 Dec 2018

In 2017, the Board of Directors of design led developer, Bewley Homes, in an effort to decrease their environmental footprint and reduce expenditure took the strategic decision to employ Reconomy Waste Management to handle the segregation and disposal of waste generated across all their development sites in the south of England and to collect valuable data which would enable the company to make better informed decisions when sourcing and ordering new materials.

And, the results, are staggering.

In the 15 months since employing Reconomy Waste Management, Bewley Homes has seen a 29% reduction on the average tonne of waste it produces per month which if the company chooses to continue utilising this method of waste segregation and disposal, will equate to an £88,000 saving.

Simon Taphouse, Commercial Director for Bewley Homes, comments: “Waste segregation and, more importantly, waste reduction, helps to reduce both the environmental impact and the operating costs of our business.

“By embracing segregation techniques on site, we have seen a significant reduction in the use of general mixed waste in builders skips and we currently divert 97 % of our waste off site, away from landfill. In addition, the implementation of our waste segregation policy also allows us to re-use inert waste within our developments (such as for use under driveways and footpaths) also leading to a reduction in the amount of waste we have to take off-site.

“The success we have seen could not have been achieved without our staff and sub contractors, all of whom have embraced this new policy and can hopefully see the benefits to it.”

Segregation is carried out in the following categories…

  • Inert (bricks & blocks etc)
  • Timber
  • Metal
  • Plasterboard
  • Lightweight compactable waste (packing etc)
  • Hazardous waste