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Sowing the seeds in young people as Bewley launches Green Fingers meets Healthy Minds campaign across the south-east.

21 Jul 2023

Bewley Homes has launched a new campaign as part of its ongoing work with schools and young people.

The Green Fingers and Healthy Minds campaign provides Bewley seeds to inspire children to discover the joys of gardening, the importance of sustainable living and the enormous benefits of fresh air and sense of achievement in watching a plant grow and blossom. 

In an era when children spend more time than ever indoors on their mobile phones and watching TV, and are often disconnected from nature, Bewley recognises the significance of encouraging younger generations to have fun whilst learning about the environment and developing green habits.

As part of the initiative, Bewley has started to distribute free packets of seeds to children at nurseries and primary schools in the areas it builds, as well as to children of families who live in its current developments.  There will be prizes to those successful young gardeners who submit photographic evidence of their green achievements!

There are a variety of seeds, including plant, vegetable and sunflower seeds to help children create their own little green oasis at home or school.

Elaine Stratford, Sales and Marketing Director at Bewley Homes, said; “We set out to provide children with an opportunity to engage with nature in a meaningful way. Gardening and growing plants from seeds not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but also nurtures essential life skills such as patience, responsibility and an understanding of the environment. We hope our campaign ignites a passion for gardening and mental well-being. After all, it’s fun and rewarding.”

Elaine added: “My own father was always keen to produce new potatoes, carrots, runner beans and flowers in a very small garden.  He encouraged us to go out and dig up the vegetables for dinner!  I have never tasted anything better in all the years since.

“Bewley’s goal is to create a lasting impact by promoting healthy minds, sustainable living and promotion of precious wildlife. The Green Fingers and Healthy Minds campaign aligns with the company’s broader commitment to sustainable development and biodiversity net gain on all our future schemes.”

Pictured are teachers and children from Fairlands nursery near Wickham in Hampshire with Lucy Gray, Marketing Manager at Bewley Homes.