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New ‘wow’ home perfect to ‘unwind and relax’ says NHS Consultant

29 Sep 2022

Deepika Pyda and her husband, Mahesh Prabhakar, chose their Bewley four-bedroom semi-detached house at Elizabeth Park in Hersham because it was the ‘perfect’ place to unwind and relax after a busy day at work.


Deepika is an NHS A&E Consultant at Kingston Hospital and her husband, Mahesh, works in IT. Deepika explained: “I work long hours and shifts in a busy emergency hospital department which makes where you choose to live really important as your home needs to be a place of tranquillity.”


The couple moved from their previous property into their £775,000 new home at the start of summer and are so pleased they choose Bewley Homes. Mahesh, 49, added: “We knew instantly that it would make the perfect home to relax and unwind after a hectic day. It has a real wow factor and plenty of natural light.” 


The couple believe the design and layout of the entire house, and even the size and internal space of the garage has been done in an intelligent way. Deepika explained: “We are impressed with the spaciousness and the clean lines throughout our new home which really adds to relaxed enjoyment of living here. The rooms have large regular dimensions. For instance, the bedrooms are all genuine doubles, with ample room for king sized beds and space to walk around. 


The kitchen was another ‘wow’ features for Deepika. “We have a beautiful long, elegant kitchen with U-shaped cupboards, all the appliances are integrated and the room is flooded with light from the wide window looking over our long garden. The entire room feels airy and flows beautifully.”


Mahesh fully approves of the garage, which he said, “is far larger and better designed than our previous garage. It actually functions as a place not only to keep a car, but actually there’s room and space to walk around and we will eventually get shelving done for additional storage, although we also have a new shed already in situ thanks to Bewley.”


Outside, Mahesh and Deepika are enjoying the rectangular shaped south facing garden. They’re planning to spend time out there gardening and enjoying just sitting out on the patio.


Both are full of praise for the attention to detail on show within the property and outside.  They also appreciated the outstanding after sales care they received from the sales team at Bewley Homes.  Mahesh, 49, said: “It creates a feel-good factor about living here, knowing the homes are well built and the Bewley team care about their customers.”


Mahesh and Deepika find the local area welcoming and convenient with a Tesco just eight minutes away and a nice selection of restaurants and cafes nearby.  “It feels like a great atmosphere and a  place that offers everything on the doorstep – well that’s when we’re not enjoying spending time indoors at our new home.”


Deepika added: “Hersham is an attractive village setting and where we live is green and pretty.  My 25 minute drive to and from work, whatever the time of day or night, feels far more like being in the countryside than urban Hounslow, where we moved from.  I have a choice of road routes, along the riverside or through tree-lined streets. If you’ve had a very stressful day, then going by the river or past trees and greenery means you can free your mind a bit. So, by the time you walk into your house, you’ve kind of lost a little bit of the stress of the day.

“Even if I’m on call and travelling at 2am, it feels so safe living here and is the perfect antidote to a demanding hospital environment.”