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Bewley joins customers to mark National Dog Day in August

24 Aug 2023

In recognition of National Dog Day, on the 26th August, Bewley Homes joins its customers all over the south of England in the celebration of our four-legged friends who have become an integral part of the lives of its homeowners.

National Dog Day aims to showcase the deep bond between dogs and their human companions, while also raising awareness about rescue dogs and advocating responsible ownership.

With many Bewley customers being proud dog owners, the company understands the unwavering loyalty and companionship they bring to families across the nation.

Bewley Homes takes great pride in designing pet-friendly environments within their developments, understanding that dogs are not just pets but cherished members of the family. With carefully designed walkways, green spaces and walking trails, homeowners and their canine companions find ample opportunities to explore, exercise, and enjoy the perfect lifestyle together.

As a company deeply committed to enhancing the lives of its homeowners and supporting charitable causes, Bewley Homes is also a long-term sponsor of Guide Dogs, a charity dedicated to transforming the lives of people with sight loss through the incredible assistance of highly trained guide dogs.

Andrew Brooks, Manging Director at Bewley Homes, who has enjoyed dogs in his family all of his life, commented: “We recognise the special bond that exists between families and their canine companions. We have hundreds of customers who adore their dogs, many of which have been rescued to give a better life.

“Dogs bring immense joy, comfort, and companionship to our customers, and we are delighted to join them to celebrate National Dog Day. We are proud to support Guide Dogs, an exceptional charity that empowers individuals with sight loss, allowing people to gain independence and lead fulfilling lives with the help of these incredible guide dogs.”

In the spirit of National Dog Day, Bewley Homes is encouraging all pet owners to share heartwarming photos of their beloved dogs and to tag Bewley (#Bewley) into its posts on social media.