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Jack Dziegiel, Trainee Site Manager

10 Jan 2019

When gymnastics coach, Jack Dziegiel and his girlfriend, Fiona, relocated from Nottingham back to Jack’s native Surrey, the time felt right for Jack to explore a change in career.

After an accident at the age of 14 which made Jack’s dream of becoming a professional gymnast more difficult, he focused on coaching instead but he soon realised that this was not going to be a ‘career for life’, so instead, he turned his attention towards his other great love – building.

“My Dad was a professional model maker, constructing model aeroplanes, for museums. Occasionally, he would have to work at weekends and, when he did, I would sometimes assist him.”

This painstaking work required meticulous attention to detail and an enormous amount of care. It had a profound effect on young Jack, instilling in him an overwhelming sense of dedication, determination and accuracy as well as a great love of both construction and engineering, characteristics which are still ingrained in him today.

“When you finish a model, you get an unrivalled sense of accomplishment and pride in what you have created. I knew that was what I wanted from my career, so it seemed logical to pursue a job in construction. At 24, I know I am older than many people starting out on a career path and that, in itself, made me very determined to do well and progress quickly.”

And progress Jack has.

Having only joined Bewley as a trainee site manager in February, Jack has just passed his first year exams, having also gained his college’s award for most outstanding student and a nomination for best overall apprentice. “A younger version of me would not have applied myself in quite the same way but this course is focused purely on something I really enjoy and have an interest in. I want to do well and excel, so I am really applying myself. The subjects provide a broad and sound knowledge base, reinforcing many of the concepts on site (and others I am less involved in) but it is the site work which I enjoy most.

“Every day is about problem solving and I work with the most incredible and inspirational team – I think I am extremely lucky.”

The Jubilee Meadows site in Hersham, where Jack works, is one of Bewley’s busiest sites. When complete, it will offer a total of 296 properties, ranging from apartments to houses and offering both affordable and private ownership housing. “The nature of this development meant that I was somewhat thrown in at the deep end and, to a degree, had to simply get on with my job. Saying that, I was never without support. I am fortunate to work with some extremely knowledgeable and talented people. I have a tremendous respect for them and that makes me want to do well. I am learning a huge amount and I am aspiring to be just as good as both my assistant site manager and site manager. It definitely helps that Dan – the assistant site manager here – is only a few years older than me. This is a great motivating factor for me, showing me how far I can get if I do well.”

Indeed his desire to do well combined with his meticulous attention to detail and perseverance to deliver a property of the very best quality has already earned him a reputation within the trade and the respect of a number of external stakeholders, including Housing Associations. His role includes taking properties through first and second fix; overseeing the testing and snagging of properties and arranging for any faults to be fixed by the various trades; liaising with the customer care team; diary management; undertaking weekly welfare check lists and check lists for health and safety; inspecting scaffolding; processing and re-ordering materials; and overseeing skip changes; and overseeing and applying the site’s waste management policy. “The time at work just flies – sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done” says Jack “but the longer I am here, the easier it is becoming. This is because I have now had time to build up a good rapport and establish positive relationships with a wide group of stakeholders and, as I have done this, my confidence has also grown. This is a tremendous help in getting tasks done efficiently and effectively.”

So, what’s next for Jack? “I am really loving my time at Bewley. Once I complete my Diploma, I will definitely go on to undertake an HNC alongside my work.”