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It is always Mothers’ Day for Bewley’s working mums!

17 Mar 2023

We are celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend with a tribute to working mums all over the world.

With the Chancellor providing more assistance for childcare in the budget this week, there is good news next year for working parents, and especially the mums, as we approach Mothers’ Day on Sunday.

At Bewley, there are many working mums with children of all ages. Some mums even have the added benefit of working with their daughters. Sheena and Olivia Goodenough travel into Bewley’s offices in Tadley each day together, and even share an office, albeit working in different departments within the business. 

Olivia works mainly with the Construction and the Operations Director, whilst Sheena is involved with office running and management companies. Sheena said: “I’ve been working at Bewley for 12 years and with Olivia, my daughter, here for three years. People ask, ‘how do you work together?’ It’s not a problem. We enjoy each other’s company and have a great mum and daughter relationship. We even come to work in the same car as Olivia lives around the corner.”

Olivia agreed: “My mum is my best friend and we love working in the same office. We are a very close family and always celebrate Mother’s Day.”

Sheena added: “My mum passed away recently and she was a very inspiring lady and this day gives us all time to reflect and remember her.”

Whilst in marketing, Lucy Gray finds time in her busy schedule as Marketing Manager to make World Book Day costumes in the evening for her son Hugo who is almost three and goes to nursery four days a week.  Lucy commented: “The flexibility is always there at Bewley to make sure I can pick up my son from nursery on time. Elaine is an incredibly supportive boss and the reason I took the job. To work for someone who understands the art of juggling home and work life is so important. It means I can be a working mum and do my job effectively knowing the support structure is in place.”

With an older teenage daughter, Elaine Stratford, Sales and Marketing Director recalls those days dropping off at nursery.  “Ella is now nearly 15, but she was at a nursery pre-primary school and learnt so much there. They had everything from arts and crafts, concerts and even early years French tuition!  It is certainly never easy combining a career with young children, or children of any age come to that. What matters, however, is enjoying each segment of your life to the full. I believe you have to see people and listen to what it is they have to say and that especially includes your family. If you can give great energy to your work, and then be able to share quality time with your children, be that in homework, or outings or crafts, then it does really work. My eldest is working with Hamptons Estate Agents, in new homes, which was her own desire to do so. Whatever they want to be or do, their happiness is of the most importance!”


So, to all mums – enjoy Mother’s Day. This is your day!