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Harry Race, Age 17, Apprentice Site Manager at Bewley.

17 Aug 2018

Harry Race, Age 17, Apprentice Site Manager. Joined Bewley Homes on 29 August 2017.

In 2017, Harry Race joined Bewley Homes as an apprentice site manager. Based at Bewley’s Oakham Park development, his role involves working on site four days a week, whilst also undertaking one day a week at college where he is currently studying for a qualification in Level 3 Construction in the Built Environment.

For Harry, leaving school after taking his GCSEs seemed a logical first step on the path to his career. Openly admitting that one of the best things about his apprenticeship is no longer having to go to school and that ‘learning whilst earning on the job’ provides a practical and interactive alternative way to securing a career for life.

“Before I joined Bewley, I hadn’t really any concept of what was involved in building a house. I’m only a year in and I now have a full grasp of the different processes involved. My role includes shadowing the site manager, Bill, in all elements of construction and finish including brick laying, electrics, carpentry, plumbing, plastering and roofing. I am involved in the inspection of completed properties to ensure they meet the high standard of quality Bewley expects (known as snagging); I undertake paperwork, dealing with delivery invoices which also enables me to engage with a number of external stakeholders too. No one day is the same which makes it exciting and I feel I am learning all the time whilst doing something that interests me and really is something I want to do.”

At the same time, Bewley funds the cost of the course Harry is undertaking in order to attain his qualification. The Level 3 Construction in the Built Environment covers fundamentally important subjects about the industry ranging from health and safety, on-site rules, building regulations as well as the theoretical side of the skills Harry is learning on site (such as laying foundations and roofing).

“I’ve got another year of the apprenticeship scheme, after which I hope to go on to become an assistant site manage hip scheme, after which I hope to go on to become an assistant site manager” says” says Harry. “The summer can be a difficult time because so many of my friends are on holiday whilst I am at work, but earning a salary more than makes up for that – I’ve just turned 17, so much of what I earn I am currently putting towards driving lessons and buying a car” he says with a grin.

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