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Digital leaders Bewley Homes stay on top of health and safety with

31 Jan 2023

Bewley Homes is always focused on best practices and continuous improvement, in safety, product, process and people. The safety of its teams and customers on site is of paramount importance which is why over the past couple of years, the company has been working with to digitise its processes and support site teams the best possible by equipping them with the latest digital tools.


For Bewley Homes, one of the biggest health and safety roadblocks it was facing was site inductions. Many of its staff worked on multiple sites, resulting in site managers having to take time out of their schedule each week to induct new workers, alongside the paperwork that came with this, it soon became a very timely procedure. 


Introducing online inductions allowed the site workers to complete their paperwork and site training online, freeing up the time of site managers and reducing the risk of human error with important documents


Bewley Homes Health, Safety and Environmental Manager, Matt Jenkins, explained why the  the online inductions worked so well: “The solution has been a complete game changer for us! The remote inductions save us hundreds of man-hours per year and check-in/out is so much easier. Being able to see who is on-site and report on project hours has helped us to forecast for future projects.


“Our principal obligation is to provide a safe environment for our staff and contractor partners so that they go home safe each day to their families, which is why we look to keep innovating and improving on site.”


Another challenge facing Bewley Homes was managing the sheer scale of its business. At any given time, they could be operating across 10 different sites, and keeping an accurate account of each site simultaneously is no easy feat without going digital. 


A previously paper-based system for reporting on workers’ hours on site, health and safety records and so much more, could no longer provide the accuracy and precision of data that they required.’s online solutions allowed Bewley to update its systems and keep these records online, in an easy-to-use working tool that highly reduces any chance of administrative errors.


Digital sign-ins are just one example of how going paperless has helped improve health and safety records at Bewley. Previously a paper sign-in book was used to record all workers and visitors to the site, along with their time on site, this information would then have to be manually uploaded. This poses several accuracy issues including people recording the wrong times they were on site, handwriting being illegible and some people simply not signing in at all.


Bewley now has a QR system in place where codes are posted around the site allowing anyone on the site to easily check in and out via their phone. This information is then sent to its dashboard, giving live coverage of everyone on the site.


Always looking forward, Bewley is continuing to further improve processes and stay ahead with the latest construction technology to keep its sites and people as safe as possible.