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D-Day 80th anniversary commemorated across the country with beacons of light

7 Jun 2024

It was heartening to see communities across the nation come together last night to light beacons in a symbolic act of remembrance of the heroes of D-Day. This poignant event marked the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings, one of the most significant operations of World War II, and pays homage to the bravery and sacrifice of those who fought for freedom.

The beacons were illuminated simultaneously at iconic locations and communities throughout the country. At one such location, in Overton, Hampshire, a beacon was lit by a local dignitary, a few hundred yards from Bewley’s new development in the village.

This collective act of remembrance aims to foster a spirit of unity and reflection, bringing together people of all ages to honour the legacy of the Greatest Generation.

Andrew Brooks, Managing Director at Bewley Homes, said: “The 80th anniversary of D-Day is a major opportunity for all generations to reflect on the sacrifices made by those involved in the landings, and the freedoms we all enjoy today. We were delighted to see one of the beacons lit in Overton where we have a new, thriving community. I know some of our residents went along to mark the occasion.

“The numbers of living veterans from World War Two are sadly dwindling, so it is crucial that the younger generations ensure that remembrance of those who died during D-Day carries on.”