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Couple buy their ‘dream’ home through Help to Buy and a five-star sales team

30 Mar 2022

Agnes and Egil were daunted at buying a new home in a different country, but they need not have worried thanks to the ‘super-helpful’ team at Bewley Homes.

Agnes Pohl, 37 and partner Dr Egil Dag Droge, 43, met in Montana as graduates seven years ago. Egil, originally from the Netherlands, and Agnes, from the USA, had never thought they would be moving to England until Egil was offered a job as a tutor at the University of Oxford.

The couple wanted to settle but always thought a new build was not financially viable. That was until a Spring evening drive around the new estates in the Oxfordshire area led them to Marlborough Gardens in North Leigh in April 2021.

The development, of just fifty homes, is one of award-winning housebuilder, Bewley Homes’ most recent Garden Village Collection.

Agnes said: “The Bewley team, David and Debbie, were amazing. With both of us not knowing the processes here in England and as first-time buyers, they answered all our questions. With their help, it was not the daunting process we thought it would be.”

Agnes added: “We have our dream home thanks to Bewley and the Help-to-Buy scheme. It’s made the home affordable for us, and we are paying only a fraction more than we paid previously in rent. The difference is, this time, it is our home.”

How they came across Bewley’s stunning development will always be remembered by Agnes.  “I wanted to be able to cycle to work, so we looked at several new build properties nearby. What we found was the opposite of where we wanted to live. We were feeling defeated until we saw a sign for Marlborough Gardens.”

She fondly recalls seeing the development on the hillside, surrounded by forests and large meadows, giving a sense of calm.

“It was just a beautiful place,” she said. “The following day, we called Bewley Homes and discovered they had a three-bedroom property available. David explained that it would be within our price range with Help-to-Buy.

“David showed us around, and we fell in love with it. Two days later, we had officially reserved!”

They were given regular updates, tours or the development and frequent SMS photos, keeping Agnes and Egil involved in the process and excited for the day when it would be their home.

The couple was able to move in during November and spent their first Christmas in their new house settling in.

Now they are settled, Agnes and Egil are looking forward to exploring their new neighbourhood. “I didn’t realise how many nice paths and walks there are here,” Egil said.  “Once the development is complete, it will open pathways where we can go for miles and miles; perhaps walk to Bath on a path. 

“We also have many country pubs nearby, ideal for Sunday roast and a walk. I’d love to take Debbie and David out for a drink – what a 5 star service they gave us! We’re not too far from the main train line to London either to enjoy the best of both worlds.”

Elaine Stratford, Sales and Marketing director at Bewley Homes, commented: “It is wonderful to see customers from other countries finding their perfect home in Oxfordshire amidst so much tradition and in an area steeped in history.”