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Celebrating the significance of National Good Neighbour Day

28 Sep 2023

Bewley Homes has every reason to celebrate National Good Neighbour Day (on Thursday 28th September) by looking back over the past year after the many successful neighbourhood events the company has held to bring communities together, in ways which are often thought of as lost and a thing of the past. For the team at Bewley, the importance of aiding new friendships within its communities is a key factor when considering ways of introducing customers to one another.

As well as constructing high-quality homes, Bewley’s mission has been to create vibrant, flourishing communities where a wide range of purchasers can thrive. Its commitment extends beyond bricks and mortar; each new house truly becomes a home the moment its new owners move in and add their personalities to the blank canvass which each room provides. Externally, the surrounding environment is equally important, ensuring green open spaces are within easy reach for all and safe play areas are close to home for younger family members to enjoy.

Bewley believes that with today’s often complicated and busy lives, creating real communities requires something more than a carefully planned development. The company now hosts a number of ‘Meet Your Neighbour’ events each year at all new developments, which are proving to be very well attended by the new homeowners. Customers who have reserved, but not moved in, are also invited and attend, getting a feel for the community they’ll soon be joining.

The theme of each event is seasonally dependent, and they range from hog roasts to Christmas themes with carol singing, and even sensory evenings with demonstrations from professionals who are brought in by Bewley to help create the perfect scent for a new home. One such popular event was created by Bewley and the specialist team from Jo Malone London.

One group of residents in Faringdon has taken this a step further by organising its own events to help further integrate new residents moving in, including street parties for this year’s Royal Coronation and a summer picnic.

Elaine Stratford, Sales and Marketing Director, said: “When I was a young child, we knew everyone who lived nearby, young and old. Children were automatically able to make new friends when out riding their bicycles or playing football.

“At Bewley, we do not want these hugely beneficial relationships to be lost. Our developments are built around open spaces, with cycle paths and play areas, allowing children and adults to get out into the fresh air for their well-being and exercise. Our events take this one step further because families get to meet each other in a setting where conversations and mutual interests can be

explored. We often hear customers inviting each other over for dinner before the event is even finished. That is something we find fantastic to witness.

Andrew Brooks, Managing Director at Bewley, added: “Our aim is not limited to constructing very good quality homes. We aspire to build developments that evolve into thriving communities, creating a legacy for future generations. It is our hope and wish that our customers form bonds which last a lifetime. National Good Neighbour Day provides us with an excellent opportunity to recognise our incredible homeowners who are helping to turn this vision into reality.”

Over the coming weeks, as part of our National Good Neighbour Day celebration, Bewley will be showcasing the inspiring stories of residents who have gone above and beyond to enhance the quality of life in their new development. Through their acts of kindness, volunteer work, and neighbourly support, these individuals exemplify the essence of good neighbours, reminding us of the difference we can make when we come together.