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Buyers take a truly award-winning customer journey with Bewley Homes

26 Mar 2024

Bewley Homes’ latest industry award for Outstanding Customer Satisfaction highlighting its ethos of putting ‘customers first’ has never been more important to the business.

For the second year running, the leading Basingstoke-based housebuilder has achieved both a ‘Gold Award’ and an ‘Outstanding Achievement Award’ in recognition of the exceptional levels of customer satisfaction reported by homeowners.

These awards, derived from an independent telephone customer survey, conducted by In-house Research in 2023, underpin Bewley Homes’ dedication to providing an unparalleled home-buying experience.

For customers considering a Bewley home, these accolades carry profound significance. Achieving both the ‘Gold Award’ and the ‘Outstanding Achievement Award’ signifies more than just industry recognition; it symbolises a steadfast promise of quality, reliability, and satisfaction. It also assures prospective homeowners that when they choose Bewley Homes, they’re not just investing in a property; they’re investing in a lifestyle built on trust, integrity, and high-level customer service.

The ‘Outstanding Award’ is given to the very best companies that provide exceptional customer service and is measured by achieving a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 65 or above. Bewley Homes registered 76.5 last year which was a 5% increase from the previous year. To put Bewley’s achievement into context, in 2023, market-leading companies such as Marks & Spencer recorded an NPS of 22, Emirates 54, and Virgin Atlantic 51.

Bewley believes that purchasing a home requires frequent and informative communications with the customer. The provision of useful updates, help with the sale of a customer’s own home, giving advice or offering specialist assistance if needed, and a friendly welcoming smile when the customer visits the development – all make a real difference during what can be a stressful time when moving home.

Andrew Brooks, Managing Director at Bewley Homes, explains the significance of these awards: “Achieving an incredible 5 Star Gold Award for Outstanding Customer Satisfaction is a wonderful acknowledgement of the customer ethos which runs through the core of the Bewley team.

“Of course, receiving this award again means a great deal to us all. I would add, however, that our real prize is meeting people and seeing the look of delight on the faces of our customers when they collect their keys and when they’ve moved in. We hear great stories of the efforts our team has gone to in welcoming new homeowners and the support they have given during the purchase.

“To us, the award certificate is the icing on the cake, but hearing that we are frequently being referred to friends and family as the company to purchase from, or even to receive fantastic surveys and feedback, provides us all with the motivation to continually refine and develop our service in the ways which our customers need and value.”

Elaine Stratford, Sales and Marketing Director, added: “We know that more than ever, in this fast moving digital age, having direct personal contact with the same person or a team of people is crucial. Being able to chat about their exciting move over a coffee, is all part of the service. No matter how much information we can place online, we know that our team provides true support to our customers in person. I believe we all still like to buy from the right people, and I am thrilled to say relationships continue to be very important to both the team and our customers.”

Commenting on Bewley’s achievement, Tom Weston, Chief Executive at In-house Research, commented: “It’s only through delivering exceptional service throughout the buying process, combined with a high level of finish and build quality that recommendation scores reach this level.

We are delighted to recognise all the staff at Bewley Homes that have contributed to the achievement of this award.”