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Bless This House

1 Sep 2017

Bless this house

Those around in the 1970s may remember with fondness the TV sitcom ‘Bless This House’ staring Diane Coupland and Sid James.  The title for the series no doubt took its inspiration from the age-old tradition that, in blessing a new home, the inhabitants would be more certain of living a happy and fruitful existence under its roof.  It is a concept celebrated and followed by many different cultures, societies and religions and is still an intrinsic part of the house moving process for many individuals today.

Take Shashi and his wife for instance.  This couple, along with their two young children, have recently moved from Southend on Sea to the Bewley Homes development of Parklands – 3.5 miles from the centre of Reading on the Woodley / Earley border.  “We wanted to be close to family and friends, some of whom live within the same development” says IT Consultant, Shashi “and this area offers easy access to some excellent schools and fantastic transport links into central London, where I work.

“As practising Hindu’s, we recognise that the true proprietor of the property is the Lord and we are merely using it in his service and so it was very important for us to be able to offer thanks for our new home and to be able to consecrate it to keep it safe from any mishaps.”

Shashi and his wife approached Bewley Homes to request special permission to bless their home prior to moving in, something which Bewley Homes was happy to accommodate.  Jane Bailey, sales manager at Bewley Homes, said:  “We pride ourselves on being able to go that extra mile for our clients and, whilst being within a construction environment doesn’t always make it practical to accommodate request of this nature, in this particular instance where there were no immediate health and safety risks, we quite naturally were delighted to be able to grant our client’s wish.”

And so, on 12 August, surrounded by close family, Shashi and his wife gathered in front of their soon-to-be-new-home to conduct the ceremony.  They began by making offerings of pumpkin and coconut to the gods in order to satisfy the entities of the unseen kind, ward off evil and help to ensure their new home would be prosperous and full of good Karma.

They then took idols and pictures of the gods into the house, where they boiled milk with sugar in a brass kettle before drinking it and praying to Lord Ganesh, the remover of Obstacles and the patron god of travelling and then to Ganesh’s parents – Lord Siva and the Goddess Parvati.

Speaking afterwards Shashi said:  “It was a very spiritual and special occasion for all of us.  Now our new home has been blessed, we can concentrate on the more mundane matters of booking the removal van and getting the keys!”

Bewley Homes is currently offering a selection of 4 and 5 bedroom homes within Parklands with prices starting at £545,000.  For more information or to book an appointment, contact Bewley Homes on 01189 669742 or email: