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Bewley’s biggest advocate at Clockbarn Gardens is 7-year-old Daniel

17 Sep 2021

A seven-year-old resident at Bewley Homes’ Clockbarn Gardens in Send is becoming the company’s biggest advocate.

Daniel, who moved into a three-bedroom detached home with his mum Louise in July, has made it his mission to help promote the development and help the sales team.

Jo Breakell, sales executive at Bewley Homes, recalls his intervention: “I was doing a tour of the development with a couple and Daniel came over on his bike and said: ‘Jo are you going to let these people have a house too, this is the best place to live. Mummy and I are so happy!’ So you will not be surprised to know that they came back again and reserved!”

Daniel said: “I love my new home and also telling people about it. I hope they come back and buy as they’ll be as happy as we are. I’ve made friends with other families, and we ride our bikes and our scooters.”

Daniel added: “I love my new home especially my bedroom which I’ve painted lime green. Mum said I could choose any colour I wanted!”

Mum Louise says Daniel loves to ride his bike around the development. “Clockbarn Gardens is a very quiet, safe location for children. It has a real community feel to it. We are very happy and Daniel has taken on the unofficial role of telling new people how nice it is.”

“We are also delighted with the transport links to the location with Guildford and the close and easy access, by road, to the A3.”

Brett Reeves, Sales Manager at Bewley Homes, said: “Clockbarn Gardens has proven very popular with local buyers due to its semi-rural village green location with the canal as a backdrop, being close to the A3 and also to London, by train.”