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Bewley’s 12 week Pupdate!

9 Feb 2016

February 2016

Bewley’s  12 Week Pupdate  

It has now been six weeks since Bewley moved in with his Puppy Walker, Patricia. We caught up with her to find out how he is getting on.

Patricia tells us that Bewley is a friendly, laid back pup who has settled really well into his new home. Health-wise, Bewley is fit and well and has been putting on weight at a steady pace since moving in with Patricia. One of the first things that Patricia worked on with Bewley was his house training and we are pleased to say that he now rarely has an accident indoors, which is great to hear. Bewley lives with Patricia’s pet dog and two cats; all of the animals seem to get on well together and Bewley can often be found lying in front of the fire with one of Patricia’s cats sleeping next to him.

Since Bewley moved in, Patricia has been busy introducing him to some of the sights, sounds and smells the world has to offer. So far he has visited several supermarkets, a town centre, and a large shopping centre. We are told that Bewley was really well behaved in all of these situations and took everything in his stride. He also went along to a talk Patricia gave about Guide Dogs; everyone who attended thought Bewley was very cute.

As well as helping to develop Bewley’s social skills, Patricia has also been working on some basic obedience with him. He has now mastered several commands including ‘sit’ and waiting for a whistle to be blown before eating his food. As well as this, he has already started to return to Patricia when his name is called, which is great for a puppy of his age. Patricia is still working on the commands ‘down’ and ‘stay’ with him, but hopefully it won’t be too long until he has these mastered too.  

Bewley has now been introduced to car travel, which he is very comfortable with.

He hasn’t shown any signs of suffering from travel sickness, which is good news, as some young pups can have problems with this. When Bewley is a little older, he will also be introduced to car and bus travel as trainee guide dogs need to be confident travelling on different modes of transport.

At this stage, Patricia says Bewley is a very easy dog to train and he seems to be a quick learner. The only naughty habit he has is barking quite a lot if people are not paying him attention. Patricia hopes to work on this in the coming weeks so he learns to be quieter and less attention seeking. When Bewley isn’t training, his favourite thing to do is to run to his bed, find something in there, and take it to Patricia in his mouth. Once she has taken it from him, he will then go back again to his bed to see what else he can take her.

Bewley sounds like a bright pup with lots of potential. We hope you have enjoyed his first pupdate and we look forward to sending you his first report card soon.

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