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Bewley support HBF’s New Homes Week

26 Feb 2024

Bewley Homes is once again supporting the Home Builders Federation’s (HBF) National New Homes Week, taking place from February 26 to March 4 which looks set to be the most engaging to date.

National New Homes Week is an annual initiative organised by the HBF to celebrate the benefits of new homes, promote industry standards, and showcase the innovation and quality delivered by homebuilders across the UK.

From customer testimonials, case studies and reviews to the benefits of new build properties, the company will showcase its support for this special week in the calendar.

Andrew Brooks, Managing Director of Bewley Homes, expresses the company’s commitment to the cause: “At Bewley Homes, we are proud to stand alongside the HBF in supporting National New Homes Week. This initiative provides an excellent platform to highlight the significance of new homes in meeting the evolving needs of homeowners and communities.

“As a responsible and forward-thinking developer, we are committed to delivering high-quality, sustainable homes that not only enrich the lives of our residents but contribute positively to the overall housing landscape.”

National New Homes Week serves as an opportunity for Bewley Homes to emphasise its commitment to excellence in design, construction, and customer satisfaction. The company’s focus on creating vibrant, well-planned communities aligns with the broader industry objective of meeting the growing demand for high-quality housing.

Andrew added: “We believe in setting and maintaining the highest standards in the industry. National New Homes Week allows us to showcase our dedication to quality craftsmanship, innovation, and customer service. We recognize the importance of providing not just houses, but homes that foster a sense of belonging and enhance the overall well-being of our residents.”

Throughout National New Homes Week, Bewley Homes will engage with the public through various channels, including social media, virtual events, and on-site activities, to share insights into its developments, showcase their commitment to sustainability, and highlight the positive impact of new homes on communities.