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Bewley Springs into Action promoting Family Budgeting and Healthy Habits!

15 Mar 2023

Ahead of the Chancellor’s budget today, Bewley has announced its own alternative Spring ‘statement’ for its staff, which is set to provide reductions on the family food shop, clothes, meals out and holidays.

Bewley has been working with its team, helping them to realise savings whilst bringing in some healthy lifestyle habits at the same time!

It’s all part of the Bewley Gateway, the company’s online platform, which offers staff discount savings across a wide range of high street shops and supermarkets. But it is not just about financial savings. In fact, the Bewley Gateway goes one step further and has wellness programmes, including recipes, workout videos, mindfulness articles, financial hints and tips as well as relaxation methods. 

HR Manager, Angela Terrett, who had the idea to engage with staff with the Bewley Gateway, has been testing the benefits. Angela said: “It’s been a very popular introduction and I’ve been encouraging every member of staff to engage with the platform. I’ve already made some excellent savings for my family, and the feedback from other people has been very positive too. 

“But it is not just about saving money and budgeting, the Bewley Gateway also offers independent financial support and recommendations.  At the same time, it provides a full range of well-being information, advice and programmes to ensure that there is something for all age groups and needs.  We also recently introduced weekly fruit baskets to encourage healthy snacks, along with a walking club within our grounds at lunchtimes which gives people a chance to relax, take in fresh air, get their steps up and move away from their desks. I have introduced walking into my own meetings which has helped me to engage and communicate better with colleagues around the business.”

This is just one of Bewley’s initiatives designed to offer positive advice which brings benefits to the mind and the pocket!

Managing Director, Andrew Brooks, added “At Bewley, the well being of our team and their families is an integral part of our business.  We recognise the benefits of healthy lifestyles, financial planning, cost saving and mindfulness.  We recently introduced Vitality Health Care which encourages staff to reach 10,000 steps and gain rewards.  The Bewley grounds offer a stunning backdrop for those enjoying the lunchtime walking club, whilst our Gateway enables families to plan their spending and the discounts they can achieve in their favourite shops and supermarkets.”