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Bewley inspires primary school pupils across the south of England to consider housebuilding careers

8 May 2024

Bewley Homes has embarked on a series of assemblies at primary schools across the south of England aimed to inspire young children to consider housebuilding as a rewarding and exciting career path.

Over the past few months, the Bewley team has visited schools in Berkshire, Sussex, Hampshire, Gloucestershire and Surrey to engage with pupils and showcase the diverse opportunities available within the housebuilding industry.

Each assembly featured an engaging video about housebuilding, interactive demonstrations, and Q&A sessions, allowing students to learn about different aspects of housebuilding, from design and construction to sustainability. Bewley Homes’ employees also shared their personal career journeys and highlighted the diverse range of roles available within the company and the wider industry.

One of the first assemblies was at Loxwood Primary School, near Alfold in Surrey, which is near the company’s latest development in the town. The school children found out about a wide range of roles in housebuilding including sales and marketing, customer service, commercial, technical, land, finance, HR, IT and site-based jobs.

“We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to connect with so many enthusiastic young minds and introduce them to the world of housebuilding,” said Andrew Brooks, Managing Director at Bewley Homes. “It’s essential for us to inspire the next generation of industry professionals and demonstrate the creativity, innovation, and teamwork that goes into creating the homes we live in.”

Elaine Stratford, Sales and Marketing Director, added: “There was so much to be proud of at the assembly I attended. The children were engaging, they had both dreams of inspiring careers which ranged from working with cement mixers in the fresh air to vets and doctors as they wanted to help people, to being an astronaut – and even a Taylor Swift backing dancer! Sitting quietly, the children asked us some very sensible and grown-up questions. I feel sure the pupils made their teachers very proud indeed.”

Bewley Homes’ primary school assemblies were part of the company’s ongoing commitment to supporting and investing in the communities it builds. By fostering an interest in housebuilding from

an early age, Bewley Homes hopes to inspire and nurture the talents of the next generation of industry leaders and innovators.

Andrew added: “We believe in continually getting across the message of a career in housebuilding. By introducing students to the exciting and rewarding world of housebuilding, we hope to encourage them to pursue their passions and consider a career in an industry that offers endless possibilities.”

“This is also an ideal platform to inspire the next generation of female talent. Bewley Homes recognises the importance of breaking down stereotypes and fostering an inclusive environment within the construction industry.”

Andrew added: “There is a huge variety of positions and roles that all housebuilders need and that’s the exciting message. The industry has to find a way of grabbing the attention of younger children before they decide on a different career path that might not suit them as much.”

Jackie Zononos, Deputy Head Teacher of Fynamore Primary School, which is close to Bewley’s new site in Calne, expressed her enthusiasm for the initiative:

“We are delighted to team up with Bewley Homes for this important campaign. I think many of the pupils would wrongly assume that housebuilding is to do with being outside working on-site and it’s been refreshing to hear about the many other roles available.

“It’s never too early to start to talk to the children about possible career opportunities and a huge number of the children here at Fynamore have parents or relatives who are actively working in the construction industry.

“Promoting the vast array of career opportunities to our young girls and boys has broadened their knowledge and encouraged them to think about the industry, regardless of gender stereotypes. This has been a very insightful initiative, and the feedback has been very positive with the children wanting to know more.” For more information