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Bewley hosts a special ceremony for 9-year-old who came runner up in a national environmentalist competition

15 Sep 2023

Bewley Homes hosted a special ceremony for a local 9-year-old at its Ash Lodge Park development near Farnham who was presented with a national award by The Rotary Club.


Rosie Childs came second from thousands of entries from all over the UK, in The Rotary Club’s prestigious Young Environmentalist of the Year competition. Previously she had won the regional competition in the nearby Farnborough region which then qualified her for the national finals.


The competition aims to recognise and celebrate young minds that are championing environmental causes. Rosie’s impressive project focused on the biodiversity at Bewley’s flagship development at Ash looking at the intricate relationship between the built environment and the natural world.


Rosie had reached out to Bewley earlier in the year, via her mother Carla, to speak to the housebuilder on the subject of biodiversity net gain and requested a site visit. She was also keen to understand how modern houses are built from a sustainability point of view.


As well as talking to Bewley’s experts on ecology, biodiversity and sustainability, the company arranged a visit for Rosie to its flagship site at Ash Lodge Park, where she saw for herself the work the housebuilder has done on ecology and biodiversity net gain. Rosie also spent many hundreds of hours researching and writing to the Land Trust, the Environment Agency as well industry experts on the subject. She was also in direct communication with Sir David Attenborough who offered his support and advice for her project.


As part of her project conclusions, Rosie decided that Bewley’s biodiversity plans were working effectively. The SANG (Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space) that the company put in place was ‘doing its job’ and that wildlife and biodiversity were thriving.


Rosie said: “I am so grateful for the opportunity to visit Bewley’s development at Ash to see the biodiversity first hand and all the measures they have put in to help wildlife thrive in its natural habitat. I also want to thank them for their continued support. Biodiversity is something that we all need to care about, and I want to learn more about the subject.”


Andrew Brooks, Managing Director at Bewley Homes, commented: “We are delighted Rosie was regionally and nationally recognised for her project which impressed us all at Bewley. Her accomplishment reflects the potential of young voices to help shape a more sustainable future and recognise the importance of new build housing in this country.


“We believe in nurturing young talent and ideas that drive positive change, and Rosie’s project aligns perfectly with our core values.”


Craig Ireland, Technical Director at Bewley Homes, added: “To be awarded the runner’s up place in The Rotary Club’s prestigious Young Environmentalist of the Year competition, on such a complex subject, is remarkable.


“Rosie’s project highlights the need for innovative approaches to ensure that housebuilding coexists harmoniously with nature, enriching local ecosystems and preserving biodiversity. Her passion for the environment and her creative thinking embodies the spirit of the young environmentalists that the Rotary Club’s competition seeks to honour. We are more than happy to continue to support her projects going forward and young people should be encouraged to take interest in our industry.”


Mary Madine from the Farnborough Rotary Club, said: “The Rotary Club’s competition is a wonderful platform for young people to display their particular passion and this year we had the pleasure of reading Rosie’s entry which was such an insight into biodiversity.”


Pic: The Rotary Club’s Jenny Mason and Mary Madine with Rosie Childs, centre, and right Craig Ireland, Technical Director at Bewley Homes