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Bewley Homes sets the gold standard for customer satisfaction

11 Apr 2019

Developer Bewley Homes has been honoured with a prestigious Gold Award for customer satisfaction

The accolade, from leading market researcher In-house Research, is based on survey responses of customers who completed on Bewley Homes’ properties in 2018. Of the 174 people who took part in the independent research, 94% said they would recommend the developer to others.

Bewley Homes’ managing director Andrew Brooks explained that it was the second consecutive year that the company had won the award. “Our 2019 score is an improvement on an impressive 91% the previous year,” he said.

“This is testament to our hard work and the lengths we go to further improve the service and quality of homes that we provide to our customers. This exceptionally high level of customer satisfaction is one of the many reasons why our Bewley product is differentiated from other house builders.

“In-house asks a wide range of open questions and highlights areas where we could improve our service even further, which is invaluable to us.”

He added: “Almost 80% of our buyers took part in the survey; we’re very grateful to them for giving their time.”

All of the In-house surveys are carried out over the telephone, giving the buyers the chance to provide honest feedback on their experiences. Its chief operating officer Tom Weston said: “Our surveys specialise in capturing the voice of the customer, enabling businesses to learn not just what needs improving, but how it can be improved, using customers’ own words.”

Founded in 1991, independent developer Bewley Homes has sites across Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Surrey. For more information, visit