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Bewley helps to mark Remembrance Sunday for some very special children at Talavera School

10 Nov 2023

This month, to mark Remembrance Sunday, Basingstoke based Bewley Homes is supporting a school in Hampshire where 70% of the children have parents who are in the military.

The award-winning local housebuilder has made a donation to Talavera Junior School near Aldershot helping fund a poppy memorial and an internal club which supports its pupils whose parents are on active military duty.

The ‘Camo Club’ has been designed to give these children a safe place to be with other children, who are feeling the same emotions and where they can engage in a variety of therapeutic activities, including arts and crafts, that are specifically designed to promote mental health and emotional resilience among the children.

The Camo Club aims to support these children in whatever they need to find coping measures to help deal with their emotions and not to take on the burdens of the adult world. It is a fun, supportive group held at lunchtime, where the children eat a meal together and play games, craft making and are free to share thoughts and express themselves in that safe environment.

This donation underpins Bewley Homes’ commitment to building and nurturing strong, supportive communities, as well as its dedication to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those it serves.

Laura Harman-Box, Deputy Head Teacher, Talavera Junior School, commented: “The mental health impact caused by worry and concern for these children can be huge, especially when the news and social media exposes them to more and more graphic footage of war, from Ukraine and at the present in Gaza.

“At Talavera Junior, we are passionate about supporting our local community. We are always so thankful when anyone offers help – and are so grateful for the resources that Bewley Homes have provided to our Camo Club.

“With their support, we are also producing our poppy display – a message of thankfulness to all of the soldiers who have served our community, now and in the past to mark Remembrance Sunday. Our Camo Club provides love and support to children who have a family member in the military, particularly when they are deployed. It allows us to keep children mentally healthy and to help them know that they are not alone.”

Andrew Brooks, Managing Director at Bewley Homes, commented: “We can only imagine the profound impact that military deployments can have on families, especially on the children who often grapple with feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. Through this donation, Bewley Homes seeks to alleviate some of the stresses that these children face by providing them with activities and resources tailored to their interests and well-being.”

Elaine Stratford, Sales and Marketing Director at Bewley Homes, added: “Remembrance Sunday is a time to reflect upon the sacrifices made by servicemen and women, as well as their families, who bear the brunt of the emotional challenges and uncertainties that come with military service. Bewley Homes’ donation to the Camo Club exemplifies the company’s profound respect for military families and their dedication to the welfare of their children.”


Over the years, Bewley Homes has donated to charities that actively support military personnel after their active service.