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‘Bewley Backs Bikes’ campaign launched across its developments to promote safe cycling

26 Apr 2021

Bewley Homes has launched a new campaign, at its Ash Lodge Park development, to promote safe cycling and a healthier lifestyle.

The ‘Bewley Backs Bikes’, part of the company’s 30th-anniversary initiatives, will be rolled out across its larger developments to encourage families to take a cycling proficiency lesson to learn how to ride safely on public roads.

Bewley will be offering a number of free cycling proficiency lessons as well as handing out brand new cycle helmets and high viz vests to participants. The lessons will also showcase how to look after your bicycle and check the basics to make sure they are safe.

The campaign mirrors the Department of Transport cycling initiative ‘Bikeability’ which encourages safer cycling skills for families.

As well as free lessons, cycle helmets and high visibility vests, Bewley will also provide a number of deserving families with a set of new bikes.

Andrew Brooks, Managing Director at Bewley Homes, said: “The main message is we want to encourage families to enjoy cycling together safely and the lessons will certainly help. Cycling is a tremendous way of getting some exercise in a fun way and has proven hugely popular during lockdown.

“The safety side should never be overlooked. I’m sure most parents will remember taking cycling proficiency lessons when they were younger. But it’s amazing how easy it is to forget the basics. Getting children away from their Xbox, PlayStations and mobile phones is also a good thing to encourage!”

Elaine Stratford, Sales and Marketing Director at Bewley Homes, came up with the idea of promoting safe cycling while on a family holiday with her daughters at Centre Parcs. Elaine said: “We all decided to go for a bike ride as an activity and it was such fun. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d ridden a bicycle, but it occurred to me what a great activity, for the whole family, it can be and that we should promote it on our developments where there are dedicated pathways.

“We have some excellent open space and dedicated cycle paths on our developments which we designed for cycling for residents.”