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A future proof property

10 Jul 2017

Constructed to comply with many of the Lifetime Homes requirements, Bewley Homes’ Holcombe House Gardens development in Sunningdale is a fantastic choice for anyone who places great importance on ‘future proofing’ their property.

First and foremost, the internal layout has been designed to ensure access to every room is as easy as possible – wide halls and doors as well as a downstairs cloakroom which can easily accommodate a wheelchair user.  Should it ever be required, the layout is versatile enough to allow for a downstairs bedroom with plumbing in place for the cloakroom or utility room to be easily converted into a downstairs shower room.  Each of the WC and bathroom walls has been strengthened to accommodate hand grips.  The Bison first floor concrete planks and supporting steelwork have been designed and installed to accommodate a ‘through the floor lift’ if one was ever required (although the stairs are easily wide enough to accommodate a ‘Stannah’ stair lift).

Outside, there is a canopy over the front door – useful not only to prevent one from getting wet whilst unlocking the front door but also helping to avoid making the entrance way slippery when it rains.  The parking bays have an additional 900mm allowance to ensure there is enough room for a wheelchair user to comfortably and easily get in and out of a car. 

Jane Bailey, sales manager at Bewley Homes, says:  “Moving home can be costly which is why it is important to make the right decision.  Financially, it makes sense for anyone to find and buy a property which will be able to accommodate any future requirements of that individual and their family.  Buying a property where the layout can be flexible and adjust to any changing lifestyle makes sense at every level. 

“Our properties at Holcombe House Gardens fulfil much of the criteria set out by Lifetime Homes, making them a sound investment choice in a location which is both desirable and highly accessible.”

Prices for properties at Holcombe House Gardens start at a guide of £1,375,000.  For more information, contact Bewley Homes on 01344 875075