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Please find below a flavour of current and future Bewley Homes developments…  we have acquired a tremendous range of new opportunities covering a wide geographic reach. These range from rural settings through to riverside and central town locations. Each development will offer a diverse range of home styles and accommodation to suit the needs of the neighbourhood and the tastes of the potential buyers.

Avalon (formerly Douai Abbey School)

The school was adjacent to Douai Abbey and situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Over the last century it had been the scene of many comings and goings and as such had become a place of great sentimental attachment within the neighbouring environs.  It contained some exemplar Grade II listed buildings but also a large number of temporary or poorly constructed schoolrooms.  After a prolonged planning process – which included extensive negotiations with English Heritage, conservation and planning officers as well as local pressure groups – we were successful in obtaining a detailed planning consent. This saw the conversion and transformation of the existing Grade II school buildings into 33 residential units and the addition of 44 new build units. In total 77 new homes set on the edge of a wild flower meadow created to extend the land seamlessly into the AONB. 

Eton College Boathouse

We reached agreement with Eton College to enter into a contract on a 'subject to planning' basis for the conversion and redevelopment of their former boathouse.  The site was particularly sensitive as it had a long River Thames frontage and was set within a conservation area, adjacent to the Thameside wild flower meadows of the ancient Brocas in the shadow of Windsor Castle.  We were successful in obtaining a planning consent for 13 residential units with under croft car parking.  Eton College were keen to maintain their reputation within the local community and therefore our approach to all parties was extremely sensitive.  To gain planning consent, we held many detailed meetings with English Heritage, conservation and planning officers, the local community and councillors.  Due to the location of the site, in the heart of the commercial centre of Eton, many negotiations took place with the Chamber of Commerce to ensure that the development of the site had as little impact on the business community as possible.

Bear Wharf, Reading

This important site has a substantial frontage to the River Kennet and the Town Planner’s brief was that the development 'should have presence, be high density and maximise the potential of this brownfield site'.  The site immediately adjoins The Oracle Shopping Centre and its history can be traced back over hundreds of historic years.  We decided that the site should be of traditional appearance with a statement building set against the bulk of The Oracle which reduced in height and scale along its frontage to The Kennet.  Our architects skilfully designed a building which reflects the original wharf use and architecture.  Planning consent was gained at our very first meeting with a unanimous vote and many complimentary comments.  The consent was for 89 one, two and three bedroom apartments, many with balconies and a conversion of the Oast House into commercial use – currently occupied by The Loch Fyne restaurant.

Ash, Nr. Guildford

Our Strategic Planning Team has pursued this site over many years taking every opportunity to promote the site with the local planning authority.  Despite the fact that there has been a well organised, anti-planning lobby, we managed to find a path forward and a planning consent was recently issued on the site for approximately 400 residential units.

Bath Road, Reading

This impressive 5.4 acre site was until recently used as the first public reservoir to serve Reading.  At its heart was a landmark Victorian Water Tower and Pumphouse both of which required skilful restoration to their former glory.  The land with its concealed reservoir had for the local residents become an open area which contained a large number of self-seeded trees.  The site had a chequered and unsuccessful planning history with its owners – Thames Water – who had previous planning applications refused at both local level and appeal. 

We entered into a subject to planning contract where we were responsible for designing a suitable scheme which would gain the support of the planning department and councillors.  Many negotiations took place with the well organised Community Development Group, town councillors and the local MP which resulted in a successful planning consent being awarded for 78 residential units, 68 new builds and the conversion of the Water Tower and Pumphouse into 10 residential dwellings.  After planning consent was granted we engaged in a close dialogue with planners, local pressure groups and residents as to how the site should be developed in order to impact their lives as little as possible. The community solution saw us create a dedicated website containing information on site construction and activities as well as posting regular bulletins detailing forthcoming events.  We have also held frequent open meetings on site to provide an ongoing opportunity for the local community to voice and share any concerns they had.

Over the years we have worked hard to build an excellent reputation with local communities, councils and town planners by producing architecturally attractive projects that blend with their local surroundings and respect their former historic use.  Many of our sites are in sensitive planning conservation areas and therefore quality of design and engagement is paramount to the success of the planning application.  We have been successful in winning numerous National and Civic awards for our quality of design and detailing.  

On many occasions where families have lived for generations in their local community they feel a responsibility to develop their land in a sensitive manner ensuring designs are quality and blend with their surroundings. They feel strongly about leaving a legacy for the future and they choose us at Bewley Homes because of our sensitive designs, quality of construction and the fact we go far to ensure a complete understanding of the site's history. 

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