If you are a land owner or agent and you have land to sell, we are keen to hear from you.

We recognise no two sites are ever the same and that vendors' needs and aspirations differ. So we consider every site put in front of us in light of those considerations. For 25 years our team of land buyers has worked hard with owners to realise maximum value from their land. To make this happen, we've created innovative variations in the way land can be purchased that deliver effectively for both sides.

As a private company, our line of command is short so we can make a decision on your land quickly. If we decide to buy, there will be no lengthy delay caused by banks because we have a revolving credit facility of £125 million from a family trust. 

We don't just 'put in' a planning application. We go the extra mile with the local community; consulting with neighbours, parish and district councillors, planning officers and other pressure groups before making a planning application. Why? Because this is the best way to deliver maximum value from your land.  

We have an extensive knowledge of planning policies and considerable experience of successfully guiding sites through the planning process. If you have land in either a greenfield or brownfield location, with or without planning permission, and you are interested in selling, please do contact us at

We are in a position to respond to you quickly and can make competitive offers to acquire land outright.

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Planning Ethos

Our planning ethos is based around collaboratively working with all parties to secure an outcome that is viable and acceptable by all, as firmly evidenced by our case stories. We see this as the critical  foundation stone upon which, If we get the planning balance right, we can achieve the best looking developments with optimum kerb appeal achieveing the best outcome for all stakeholders. 

Current and future developments across the Bewley Homes portfolio with planning consents awaiting construction start, in the midst of construction or nearing completion of individual phases or complete residential developments.