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Winter tips for looking after your home

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Posted on 08.10.18

There is already a slight chill in the morning air and, there is no better time to think about what you need to do to safeguard your property before the full on-set of Winter, says Lianne Burton, Head of Bewley Homes Customer Care.

Here are my top ten tips:

Spend time balancing your heating system (radiators and thermostats) to get the best ambience in your home and individual rooms, this may include bleeding radiators and re-pressurising your system.

Arrange for your boiler to be serviced – the last thing anyone wants is no heating or hot water on a really cold day.

If you’re going away for a period of time over the festive season, check your home insurance policy as you may need to take additional measures such as turning off your water, to ensure continuous cover whilst you are away.

If your heating runs on oil, check the tank level and get it topped up so you don’t run out.

To avoid flooding and damp, clear external gutters and drains of falling leaves.

To withstand Winter winds, check fences and outbuildings are in good repair, fixing where necessary.

To prevent pipes from freezing during cold snaps, leave your heating on low and check them for any leaks or blocks.

To alleviate the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning and chimney fires, make sure chimneys are swept – this will also make your fire more efficient.

In case of emergencies, make sure you have a fully working torch – particularly important in rural areas - and you know where the stopcock to your property is located.

Below zero temperatures will freeze water left in external or garage pipes, which can cause expansion and burst pipes. To avoid this, turn the water off to these taps and leave the tap open.


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