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How to maximise space in a small garden

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Posted on 22.05.17

One of the main underlying themes at the 2017 RHS Chelsea Flower Show are the enormous physical and psychological benefits that creating, and being within, a garden can have – irrespective of its size.

Here, Jane Bailey, sales manager at developer, Bewley Homes, gives her top tips on how to maximise space within a town garden.


Have a plan

First and foremost, draw up a wish-list of everything you would like to include in your ideal garden; then take a look at the space and work out what can be achieved.  


Be potty about plants

Placing plants in pots of all shapes and sizes will add variety and perspective to your outdoor space.  Putting the smaller plants further away will make the space look bigger.


 Look up and about

A garden isn’t just about what is at ground level – it’s also about what surrounds or overhangs your space.


Consider climbing plants on a trellis by a fence or a wall; hanging baskets, window boxes.  Utilise features such as outdoor mirrors to give the illusion of extra space and light.  If you feel you are overlooked by neighbouring properties, installing a pergola or archway can help to add an element of privacy.


Create a sensory experience

Colour, scent, texture and practicality all play a part in the garden and, by appealing to the senses of sight, smell, touch and taste, your garden can be both relaxing and practical.  Think herbs and easy to grow veg.


Paving the way

If you want to put in paving, placing it on the diagonal in a ‘diamond’ shape, rather than with the flat edge towards the house, will help the space appear larger.


 Be adaptable 

Utilise the same feature for multiple purposes.  For example, build a bench around a planted tree to create a seating area or incorporate a swing seat within an archway.  Buying easy to fold-away furniture also means the space can be used for outdoor dining one day and sunbathing the next!

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