About Bewley Homes


Overview & History

Bewley Homes was founded back in 1991 on the simple philosophy of building quality homes that people would aspire to own, located in highly desirable locations. This mission is the cultural heart of our business today and our enviable reputation is built on this approach.

Today Bewley is one of the best funded property developers in the Country and whilst we are a Public Limited Company (PLC), the key to our success is that we remain independent and currently create around 250 new homes every year. We pride ourselves on not churning out mass market homes, but rather focus on meeting the demands of people like you, the more discerning buyer, who appreciates something a little more styled. Our current portfolio of homes range in price from £200,000 to around £2 million. 


Customer Care

Your ‘customer journey’ is the most important thing to us here at Bewley Homes and central to everything we do. From the very first day you visit one of our developments to the day you legally complete and beyond, we are here every step of the way. We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers because your word is our future. So, from the point at which you reserve one of our properties to the day you collect the keys to your new Bewley Home and beyond, we are there.

We fully endorse the Consumer Code for Housebuilders and provide a 10 year Premier Guarantee for each and everyone of our new homes. And for total peace of mind, we also provide you with an initial 2 year emergency call out service to ensure no unforseen surprises catch you short. 


Social Responsibility

Our expertise goes far beyond the bricks and mortar of the beautiful homes we build, to encompass the environment in which we build.

We continually review and improve all aspects of development to ensure that our new homes have as little impact on the environment and that they are as sustainable as possible. Just some of the things we do are:

  • Responsible construction through the use of innovative design, products, and construction techniques making our homes highly sustainable and incredibly energy efficient

  • Consultation with local interest groups, planning authorities, and communities to achieve the ideal design and build solutions for the homeowner and the local environment

  • Every detail can make a difference even though it may not always be noticed. For example, we undertake extensive landscaping which typically involves new planting, and depending on the site, the use of eco-friendly products like hazel hurdles, rain water harvesting and the creation of habitats for local wildlife. All of which is recognised by both purchasers and the industry by way of the Green Leaf Awards we have won.


Green Thinking

Our expertise goes far beyond the bricks and mortar of the beautiful homes we build.  Blending our homes into the surrounding environment is equally as important to us here at Bewley Homes. This means retaining as many existing features and landscapes as possible and enhancing them to create what we call the optimum living environment.  This ethos is reflected in our strapline ‘now elegance has an address’ – and is something we strongly believe in.

We continually review all aspects of our developments to ensure minimal impact on the environment and surrounding neighbourhoods; we also ensure our neighbours are treated with sensitivity during the construction process. We keep ourselves tightly attuned to ever evolving  innovations in design, products and construction techniques to ensure we are constantly creating new homes that are highly sustainable and energy efficient.

Right from the point we look at acquiring a piece of land, we engage and consult with local interest groups, planning authorities and local communities to understand the ideal design and build solutions for the homeowner and local environment. Where possible, we look to maintain existing trees and mature shrubs and always enhance areas in and around our properties with new soft landscaping. This includes areas of open space and tree lined vistas – all part of creating the right destination to come home to. We have planted tens of thousands of trees and plants and take pride in the established feel our developments present.

We use innovative systems to provide heating to our already efficient homes such as ground source heat pump systems, air source heat pump solutions and solar energy. In addition, where installed, our rain water harvesting systems enable us to provide additional efficiencies.

Habitats for local wildlife always plays a part in our development scheme proposals. We genuinely believe that embracing, protecting and enhancing the natural environment can be balanced with constructing fabulous new homes.

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